IT & Customer Service.

Experience, multi-skills and advanced technologies to improve customer experience and promote intelligent use of digital assets.


What is.

An End-to-End offering that integrates IT Support, Remote Monitoring & Management, Customer Care and optimizes processes through RPA solutions. Our management as a service model allows us to reduce costs and limit errors, guaranteeing ROI and a better customer experience.


Our goal is to accompany our customers in the management of their infrastructure and CS activities, increasing their level of satisfaction, performance and offering the quality and attention of a Win-Win business.

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What we do.

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Customer Services

Technical support for activation, fault & migration mgmt | Administrative support for provisioning, billing & testing | Churn prevention | CB & upselling mgmt

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Customer Care Mobile

Customer service information | Device Configurations | Administrative Support

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Infrastructure Management

Help Desk 1 e 2 | Technological Roll out | Service Desk e SPOC

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Operation Services


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Cloud Management

Implementation | Architect Solution | Managing

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Strengthen your vendor ecosystem with Alosys as a managed service provider for a specific part of your business.

other suppliers

Delegate your day-to-day operations and execution and focus on strategy, planning and design.

in-house team


Outsources the entire Customer Services, including service planning and management.

Complete outsourcing