Smart City.

The public lighting network backbone of an extensive and widespread value-added services (VAS) offering.


What is.

One of the main challenges we are facing is related to the transformation of cities into "smart cities" or "adaptive cities" that are increasingly functional, energy efficient, safe, environmentally sustainable and citizen-friendly.

This process involves various systems, infrastructures and networks and sees technology as an enabling tool.

One of the starting points of this process is related to the public lighting infrastructure. Streetlights are designed to be at the center of city management because they represent the reference points of a connected network. Capably present in the urban ecosystem, from simple light poles they can become small technological "hubs" able to provide value added services (VAS).

What we do.


IoT Spreed

Enabling information panels, sensors weather and environmental analysis, urban video surveillance, and regulation of exogenous loads

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Recharge E-mobility

Charging of electric vehicles | Enabling of docking stations Sharing e-mobility | Analysis of consumption and management of exogenous loads

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Wireless Comm.

Wi Fi connectivity | 5G diffusion | Enabling regulation exogenous loads

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Remote Control

Lighting control, smart lighting systems and adaptive lighting | Energy monitoring | Plant diagnostics | Monitoring and consumption reading


1. Wi-Fi

2. Intelligent

3. Environmental

4. Video camer

5. Charge



They say about us.


Alosys Switch, Alosys' patented smart switch that allows you to leverage the street lighting network to provide services.